This is Lois working with just the dog - you bring the dog to me.  Sometimes this is the fastest way to your solution.  Think about it:  How many people learning to ride a horse take on the job of breaking the horse to a saddle first, and then learn to ride it? I can reach basic manner goals in a couple of days of working with your dog that will take you one or two weeks (sit, down, stay, walking on a leash, recall foundation work).  Why?  Because a dog learns through clear communication, positive reinforcement (timing matters), and high repetition of the task.  I am not figuring out how to communicate the learning to your dog, there is no hesitation in my teaching and rewarding the behavior, and I can easily complete 10-12 repetitions with your dog in the time it takes the beginning trainer to get 3 repetitions.    Time Quotes vary depending on what you want trained and what skills the dog already has in place.  (Note:  I am no longer taking on major behavioral issues and totally out of control dogs.)

BOARD & TRAIN:  (You supply the dog and its food ... I have everything else)
Better Dog NOW! Model:  The general estimate is 3 - 5 days for basic on leash work for obedience basics of:  Sit; Down; Leash Walking; Recall Foundation; Stay work.  This model is based on the owner continuing to work with the dog once behaviors are put in place.  Cost is $200.00/24 hours/3 hours training or $150.00/24 hours/2 hours training (includes all taxes & gross receipts); Handler Lessons are $30.00 per half hour with Board & Train.

My Dog Needs THIS! Model:  Owners also enroll in Board & Train for a specific skill such as Off-Leash Recall; Crate Training; Housebreaking beginnings.  Estimate of 3-5 days is the standard with pricing the same as Better Dog NOW. 

I Can Now Live with Bowser Better! Model:  This model offers a 3-week boot camp to teach the dog important behaviors such as leash walking, sit, down, stay, etc. in both the home setting and out in public. This training option is for the owner that doesn't want to have to continue training, only maintaining.   Cost is $3000.00 for the 3 weeks.  Additional weeks available at $1000.00 per week.  This model includes 2 hours of training per day and a weekly half hour lesson (or 90-minute lesson at pick-up).

BOARD and TRAIN for a WORKING TITLE for Dobermans wanting a ROM ... 6 months or less: $5000.00