BOARD ONLY available to previous B & T clients or select Multiple Private Lesson Clients with Well-Behaved Dogs
Will I keep your Bowser???  While my business is a dog training business ... I have worked with many wonderful dogs and owners during the past two decades here in the Ruidoso area ... so yes on well behaved former clients.

Mine is a hands-on Camp ... some of your dogs enjoy:

--Walking (Gus helps me find turkey feathers at the end of the street; Tripp was willing to go walk with me during an usual weather day here in the mountains.)
--Ball Chasing (I bought the Chuck-It for Baloo; the big plastic balls intrigue Bubba)
--Mind Games (Find it Pete!)
--Petting (For all)
--Playing with others for the more social

COST: (includes taxes & gross receipts tax)
$40.00 for 24 hours (You supply the food) for all former B & T over one year/non medical.

$50.00/24 hours for non-former B & T based on proof of manners/non-barking, etc. for private clients with established behaviors.