Essential Training Components’ Mission:

To serve Ruidoso and surrounding communities in building strong relationships between people and their dogs, resulting in canine good citizens with essential obedience skills at home and anywhere else they travel! 

There are many reasons to work with a professional 
dog training instructor: 
+To learn training methods to effectively train your dog
+To establish a training regiment
+To have a socialized dog - a dog that can behave around other people and other dogs
+To not only teach the dog, but to understand proofing a dog (causing the behavior, even in a distracting environment) so that the dog is trained (it can give the behavior beyond your backyard).

Lessons are designed for beginning and experienced handlers.  Lessons are fun, focused, and active with positive results for both handler and canine!

FROM YOUR DOG:  "Teach me how to be the dog you want!"

FROM YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, VETERINARIAN, GROOMER, AND KENNEL HELP:  "Training is not an option; it is an obligation.  It is not something to be done only after your dog starts causing problems (jumping on me, lunging as you walk by me, unable to stand still so that I can talk to you ...).  Training is how to prevent problems from starting.  Please invest in your dog's future and our relationship!"


"Good Dog" is our Descriptor